POP - The Parametric Optimization Toolbox

With an ever increasing number of applications for multi-parametric programming, there is a high need for a comprehensive software tool capable of efficiently solving multi-parametric programming problems, while being easily embedded into other software architectures such as the ones used in the PAROC platform. Thus, within our group we have developed POP, the parametric optimization toolbox featuring:

  • a state-of-the-art multi-parametric programming solver for continuous and mixed-integer problems
  • a comprehensive problem library featuring an ever increasing number of example problems
  • a versatile problem generator which allows for the generation of random multi-parametric programming problems of arbitrary size
  • a link to the software YALMIP
All of this has been compressed into a toolbox, the interface of which is shown below: POP The toolbox is available for download here:

If you have used the POP software in your work, please include a reference to the POP article. The reference to use is:

    Oberdieck, R.; Diangelakis, N. A.; Papathanasiou, M. M.; Nascu, I.; Pistikopoulos, E. N. POP - Parametric Optimization Toolbox. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2016, 55 (33), 8979-8991.

Additionally, on our YouTube Channel you can find several tutorial videos on the appropriate use of POP. The details of the toolbox are presented in an upcoming publication which will be referenced here once available online.

The different functionalities of POP are explained in more details in the videos below:
  • Welcome
  • The Solver
  • The Library
  • The Generator
  • The Controller Design