Teaching Activities

The Multi-parametric Optimization & Control group has been and continues to be involved in teaching of several courses. Below, you can find a list of the courses currently offered.

Advanced Process Optimization

This advanced course covers state-of-the-art optimization based techniques for process synthesis, process design and process operability. Emphasis is placed on mathematical modelling via mixed integer and continuous optimization formulations. Within the course framework the students will also learn how to use GAMS that is a modeling/optimization software system. Moreover, the course will focus on topics related to optimization under uncertainty and model based control with applications.

Energy Systems Engineering I & II

  • Lecturers: Prof. Pistikopoulos
  • Date: Fall 2020 (Master of Science in Energy)
  • Recommended book: Energy Systems Engineering by M. C. Georgiadis, E. S. Kikkinides, E. N. Pistikopoulos (Eds.), E. N. Pistikopoulos, M. C. Georgiadis, V. Dua (Series Eds.)

This course covers state-of-the-art topics for energy systems engineering, including modelling of energy systems, mixed integer and continuous optimization techniques for the analysis of energy systems, model based control & interactions of design, control and scheduling of power and energy systems. The course will focus on:

  • Modelling principles for the synthesis, design, analysis and control of energy systems - modelling with 0-1 variables
  • Continuous optimization & Mixed integer linear and nonlinear programming
  • Heat exchanger network synthesis and optimization
  • Optimization under uncertainty - design energy systems for flexibility & operability
  • Synthesis, design and optimization of flexible poly-generation energy systems
  • Integrated optimization of oil and gas production
  • Model predictive control; multi-parametric programming and control
  • Fuel cell energy systems - modelling, optimization, design & control
  • Residential Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy systems - design, optimization, control and scheduling aspects