Moustafa Ali

Ph.D. student


  1. Ali, M.; Cai, X.; Khan, F.; Tian, Y. Dynamic Risk-based Design and Explicit Model Predictive Control via Multi-Parametric Programming. FOCAPO/CPC 2023; 2023; p Accepted.
  2. Ali, M.; Cai, X.; Khan, F. I; Pistikopoulos, E. N; Tian, Y. Dynamic risk-based process design and operational optimization via multi-parametric programming. Digital Chemical Engineering 2023, 100096.
  3. Pappas, I.; Bindlish, R.; Ali, M.; Pistikopoulos, E. N. Optimal Operation of an Industrial Dividing Wall Column through Multiparametric Programming. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2023, Accepted.
  4. Ali, M.; Tian, Y.; Kenefake, D.; Pistikopoulos, E. Process Design and Intensification of Circulating Catalytic Fluidized Bed Membrane Reactor for Oxidative Coupling of Methane. ESCAPE-33; 2023; pp 2031-2036.
  5. Kenefake, D.; Kakodkar, R.; Ali, M.; Pistikopoulos, E. A novel neural network bounds tightening procedure for multiparametric optimization and control. ESCAPE-33; 2023; pp 1841-1846.
  6. Aghayev, Z.; Walker, G.; Iseri, F.; Ali, M.; Pistikopoulos, E.; Beykal, B. Binary Classification of the Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals by Artificial Neural Networks. ESCAPE-33; 2023; pp 2631-2636.
  7. Aghayev, Z.; Iseri, F.; Ali, M.; Pistikopoulos, E.; Beykal, B. Predicting the estrogenic potential of chemical contaminants through high-throughput image analysis and supervised machine learning algorithms. ACS Fall Meeting; 2023; p To be presented.
  8. Ali, M.; Tian, Y.; De, S.; Van Bavel, A. P.; Demirhan, C. D.; Pistikopoulos, E. N. Process Modeling, Design, and Intensification of Oxidative Coupling of Methane Process: A Comparative Study on Membrane Reactor and Fluidized Bed Reactor. ACS Spring Meeting; 2022; p Presented.
  9. Vedant, S.; Atencio, M. R.; Tian, Y.; Ali, M.; Kenefake, D.; Pappas, I.; Pistikopoulos, E. N. A Software Prototype for Synthesis of Operable Process Intensification Systems. Synthesis and Operability Strategies for Computer-Aided Process Intensification; 2021.

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